We move forward from two successful exhibitions in 2016 in Prague and in the USA to the challenge of an exhibition in the Netherlands in the Autumn. We continue to work on A2 sized pieces in portrait format and will be producing four pieces over the year with the theme of 'Freedom'. An essential part of our art is working in series to a common format which does give us all a framework for our creative endeavours.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Under the surface: Coral

Continuing with my series 'Under the surface' I have moved on to look at photographs of coral reefs as a source for the final three pieces this year. As usual I started with with white cotton and dyed a deep blue. I then used discharge paste to  take out some of the dye, then over dyed and discharged again to try to create the different depths of the sea around the coral. Finally a stronger discharge paste was used to take out all the colour to create the coral. Thickened dye was used to create the colours of the coral.    On reflection I am sure I could have achieved a similar result by using fabric paint rather than this long discharge and dye process but I like the transparency of dyes over paints. The piece was machine embroidered to get the detail of some of the coral  with rayon threads before sandwiching it all together and then quilting the sea around the coral.  


  1. I'm interloping here to comment, I hope you don't mind. I think the discharge paste has given you a lovely soft feel just as if you were looking through water. The edges round the coral are lovely and diffuse and there is a soft dappled light about it. I like the diagonal movement too.

  2. Beautiful soft colours, Jean (I'm assuming it's you, though it doesn't say!) It looks just like sunlight on the dappled water. Sounds like a long and complicated process.