We move forward from two successful exhibitions in 2016 in Prague and in the USA to the challenge of an exhibition in the Netherlands in the Autumn. We continue to work on A2 sized pieces in portrait format and will be producing four pieces over the year with the theme of 'Freedom'. An essential part of our art is working in series to a common format which does give us all a framework for our creative endeavours.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Fantasy trees

For my 3rd quilt with this theme I decided on fantasy trees. Life can be boring and dull enough and some fantasy can be a treat :-). All fabrics used are hand dyed ones. Either done by me or by Kelly as I was staying at her place when I made this quilt.


  1. Wil, this is lovely! Shapes, colours and the idea too.

  2. Wil, I love the sense of wimsey and your use of colour. Trish