The journey continues 2015

The Journey continues..............

Our experiences as a group over the last three years has helped develop and inform our direction of travel as a group. The Voyage Exhibitions this year in London in April for the 2012 pieces and in Beaujolais in April for the 2013 series were well received.

We go forward as a group into our fourth year with the challenges of working our pieces in series at A2 size. The working theme for this year is 'Nature Abstracted'; we will be producing one piece of work every three months, four in total over the year.

As an added challenge this year a number of the group are preparing additional work for a group exhibit at the Taiwan International Show in 2016.

Our work from 2013 was exhibited at the ICHF Show in March at the NEC Birmingham and our 2014 work is travelling to Minnesota in the USA as a special exhibit.

Saturday, 23 May 2015


This year I would like to concentrate on shapes one can find in nature.
My first quilt is an illustration of a canyon. My inspiration was a picture taken by a co-worker who granted me the rights to use it.
I used a hand dyed fabric made especially for this quilt, and the free motion quilting helped me give the required perspective.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

New Member

Hi Everyone - I am so pleased to be able to submit my first piece of Art Work as a new member,
thanks for the invitation.  This piece named "Respect or Neglect' has been created for Taiwan Exhibition. Made from two hand dyed fabrics that have been woven for the background. Raw edge applique, organza and free motion stitch, Environmental protection in all forms is a world issue and we need to respect our environment, this is a sample of my interpretation.
Sandra Sullivan  May 2015

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Paula Rafferty first A2 Quilt of 2015

Thrilled to be a member of the group and delighted to be able to show the first of four A4 quilts for the "Abstracted Nature" theme.
Feel like I'm cheating a little as I already had this started for another project but decided to use it for this group.

This is an image of the earth from the air, played with in photoshop and printed on a large format printer.
I love the secondary images that are created when the original is flipped and repeated.
I see all sorts of crazy stuff in it so didn't want to quilt to densely to allow the viewer to explore some of the patterns and shapes.

Hope someone else can see the crazy faces or I'm in real trouble!!

Heres a close up;

For the next one I'm using cloud formations.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Peacock Spider
I was attracted by a photograph of a newly discovered Australian spider. A very colourful, posturizing creature that is, amazingly, only 4mm long! I feel however, that my interpretation is too literal for this years theme. Perhaps I will change it later.
Raw edge, reverse applique using cotton fabrics. Quilted using rayon threads. Embellished with Angelina.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Foxgloves abstracted - The Foxglove glade at Hidcote Gardens

Both the A2 pieces this year have been based on a photograph taken in the Foxglove glade in  dappled shade at Hidcote in Warwickshire. I abstracted down to the shades of colour for this second piece based on foxgloves - still working with hand dyed silk - some overdyed to get the shades of mauve and purples for the range of foxgloves. How this will develop for others in this years series - I am not sure - I have also been screen printing  with discharge paste some Foxglove imagery so who knows......


Saturday, 18 April 2015


For my second quilt this year I focussed on a seed pod, and more specifically a cotton seed pod. With Photoshop I was able to make an inspirational photo more abstract and that was my starting point for this quilt. Fabrics used are my own hand dyed ones and some discharged fabrics. Funny enough, for the white cotton in the pod I had to use raw silk as real cotton was too smooth for the effect I wanted to create.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Here are the pictures of my Taiwan quilt:

I is a combination of hand dyed/painted and commercial fabrics with added plastic and rusty objects. Title is 'Be careful with your trash'.