Travelling on 2016.......

Travelling on..............

We move forward as a group into our fifth year with the challenges of working our pieces in series at A2 size. The working theme for this year is 'Treasures'; we will be producing four pieces in total over the year.

As an added challenge this year a number of the group have prepared work for a group exhibit at the Taiwan International Show in 2016.

Our main exhibition this year will be in Prague in April where the 'Nature Abstracted ' series will be shown; we hope these pieces will travel across the water for an exhibition in Minneapolis, USA in June.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Gold vein

And here is my 2nd quilt for this year called 'Gold vein'. No hand dyed fabrics this time, but all commercial ones.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Precious metal and stones

It took several months before I came up with an idea for this year's theme, but I finally found one. And coming up with the idea, is the hardest part, don't you agree with me? Here is my first quilt called 'Turquoise'.

I used my own hand dyed fabric for this and covered it with a layer of zapped lutrador. Second quilt is also completed, now I have to find it again to take a picture. It is somewhere in the luggage I brought home with me this week.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Exhibit in St. Cloud

The show in St. Cloud was a success. The quilts of Stitched and Voyage were hanging next to each other in the special exhibit area and attracted a lot of attention. Some of the comments made were:
- Simply beautiful, over the top
- Lovely! Such creative people! Nothing like a commitment to produce!
- Wonderful!
- Loved it!
- Awesome!
- Favorite exhibit of show!
- Gorgeous! Favorite? Can't pick just one
- Wonderful + inspiring
It was not possible to take a picture of all the quilts together, but I took pictures of all quilts of the individual artists. Pictures were taken before the show opened, so no visitors on it.

Wil Opio Oguta:

Ildiko Polyak:

Pat Archibald:

Betty Hahn:

Jean Marshall:

Gretchen Saunders:

Frances Murphy:

Elaine Maunder:

Shoshi Rimer:

Sandra Sullivan:

Paula Rafferty:

Kelly Hendrickson:

We are invited for the next annual show of the MN Quiltters in June 2017.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Here are some pictures from the exhibition at The Prague Patchwork meeting in April

This is my first Treasures quilt. 
Porto is a UNESCO World heritage site and a favourite city of mine. I love all the coloured houses, the balconies  and the washing.
It is simply lots of little pieces of fabric appliqued on to a calico backround with some machine stitching

This is my second treasures piece
I've taken a detail from one of my photos of Porto.
I painted and printed some of the background and added machine stitch and appliqué


Monday, 2 May 2016

Voyage 2016


One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure


'Colour Entrapped'

One of my quilting friends gave me some 'colour catchers'. I was fascinated by their delicate tints and the texture of the paper. This led me to start playing with them. Here is the result. Woven and appliqued colour catchers, machine quilted using rayon and holographic threads.