We move forward from two successful exhibitions in 2016 in Prague and in the USA to the challenge of an exhibition in the Netherlands in the Autumn. We continue to work on A2 sized pieces in portrait format and will be producing four pieces over the year with the theme of 'Freedom'. An essential part of our art is working in series to a common format which does give us all a framework for our creative endeavours.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Time to Think

I am posting two more pieces in my 'People, Places and Patterns' series. I got a little behind as a commissioned piece needed to get priority. Hence, two for the price of one this time!
People are endlessly fascinating and even although your paths may only cross momentarily there are some people that make such an impression in such a short time that you take some of that person away with you. Here are two people that I met in India whose characteristics I either admire enormously or am perhaps just a little envious of.
Firstly here is my homage to a man that I met in Barefoot College in Rajasthan. His aura of peace, calm and tranquility seemed to reach out to those around him. He seemed so content to just sit and think, something that I don't seem to have time to do very often.
The second piece depicts a goatherd bringing his flock down from the desert hills at sundown. He was leaning very heavily on his staff for support. As an Occupational Therpist whose specialism was hip and knee replacements I knew by his gait what his health issues were. What I took from him was his fortitude to continue his daily chores despite grinding hip pain. Of course he probably had no choice but I just wanted to scoop him up and take him back with me for a new hip.


  1. They are lovely Pat- and the colours are perfect!

  2. Hi Pat, it's Elaine here! The colours are brilliant and I love the juxtaposition of the person and the stamped(?) pattern down the side. Did you paint the figures onto the background or are they stitched? Great to see you the other day. x