We move forward from two successful exhibitions in 2016 in Prague and in the USA to the challenge of an exhibition in the Netherlands in the Autumn. We continue to work on A2 sized pieces in portrait format and will be producing four pieces over the year with the theme of 'Freedom'. An essential part of our art is working in series to a common format which does give us all a framework for our creative endeavours.

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Block Printer

        Continuing my theme of 'People, Places and Patterns' this piece shows my block printing guru from Rajasthan. I spent a day with him learning some of the basic block printing techniques and found lining up a series of blocks to produce an accurate multi-coloured pattern to be very, very challenging.

           I have block printed the background fabric keeping the ink quite strong over on the right and fading it off to the left of the piece. The block printer is first stitched and then layered with a thin net to produce a slightly translucent image.  The table cloth that he is printing is a partial photograph that I have printed off onto fabric and then integrated into the design. The piece was then quilted and embellished with sequins. 

Pat Archibald

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  1. Pat - exquisite! I'm almost waiting for him to move..